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Here we offer you the opportunity to download all of the publications produced as part of the HYPOBATT project.


High power charging

HYPOBATT Project has released a new paper discussing the importance of standardized charging solutions for the electric vessel market. The paper provides a comprehensive analysis of the current landscape of electric vessel charging, identifies trends, and highlights the necessary steps for standardization and improvement in the field.



Maritime Automated Charging System

With the publication of this whitepaper entitled "Maritime Automated Charging System", HYPOBATT brings solid standardization proposals to the future of the waterborne sector. V2.1 of this whitepaper is hereby released and available. Note that, after our HYPOBATT journey is complete, the final Version V3.0 will be released with many more advancements that are currently taking place nowadays. Click here to download this preliminary version of the Whitepaper.


Dissemination Materials

Image by Roman Kraft
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