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Project Results

HYPOBATT is organized in so-called work packages. each of these work packages hast its own focus and specific tasks. You will find all public results of these work packages as well as publications in this section.


Here you will find comprehensive publications that have resulted from the work packages.

WP1 - Use case definition, specs and requirements

Image by Edward Ma

WP2- Digital Twin

WP3 - Design & development of hyper vessel charger

Image by Dorian Mongel
Image by Ronan Furuta

WP4 - Development of infrastructure, testing & integration

WP5 - Demonstration and validation

Image by Hal Gatewood
Image by Jan Canty

WP6 - Business Model and Stakeholder Engagements

WP7 - Standardization and Regulations

Image by Marek Studzinski
Image by Headway

WP8 - Dissemination, Exploitation and Communication

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