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Design & development of hyper vessel charger (WP3)

This work package focuses on the design and development of a modular mullti-MW charger.

The following reports are, or will be, available. If the reports are classified as confidential, you will receive a comprehensive overview here.


Report on charger architecture concept


Deliverable 3.1 addresses the need for standardized charging solutions in the electric vessel market. As discussed in previous deliverables, these solutions should be flexible, adaptable, and have a standardized communication interface. Within this study we discuss the architecture, communication, and power conversion topology of the proposed multi-MW charger in order to meet these requirements.

To ensure standardization, an alternative EVSE-EV communication protocol is proposed, combining the Mega-Watt Charging System (MCS) with wireless communication for an infrastructure-mounted Auto-connect Charging Device (ACD). In this context, the system architecture is defined, the functions of the individual components are described and their interfaces are explained.

Safety and security aspects will be addressed in detail, taking into account the results of the previous work packages. Special attention is given to the identification and treatment of corrosion risks. Thus, a method for measuring and compensating for these effects can be given. It also tackles the challenges of insulation monitoring and suggests a distributed solution for handling increasing complexity and system capacitance.

The report recognizes that the number of contact pins of the ACD is limited compared to the MCS connector definition. It proposes an alternative communication method that uses wireless communication in conjunction with MCS.

Finally the modularity of the EVSE and its components is discussed, with a focus on the power conversion topology and the necessary level of granularity in the modules. The report emphasizes the need for more detailed component information and explains the dependencies for electro-thermal modeling.

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Report on modular multi-MW charger design and development


The objectives of Deliverable 3.2  are to define a scalable and modular architecture for multi-MW chargers, establish standardized communication protocols for control, monitoring, safety, and administration, and ensure compatibility with developing marine-specific charging standards.

Key outcomes include designing a modular power conversion topology for both the charger and vessel sides. The system incorporates standard products that can be combined to form high-power multi-MW charger systems. Detailed functional descriptions and interfaces for Power Cabinets (PC), Automated Connection Devices (ACD), and Electric Vessels (EV) were established. An updated EVSE-EV communication protocol, combining the Mega-Watt Charging System (MCS) and vessel position detection, was proposed.

A digital twin model with electrical and thermal simulations of the converter and main transformer was implemented, analyzing power loss and thermal performance. A scalable power conversion test setup demonstrated the feasibility of connecting power converters in series and parallel to meet MCS DC output voltage and system modularity requirements. The EVSE-EV communication platform will be designed and tested in WP4 before real-life usage in WP5.

Safety and protection devices were defined to ensure the system's overall safety and reliability. Specific power configurations for the EVSE, ACD, and EV were presented, addressing different DC voltage, current, and output power requirements.

Future work recommendations include focusing on implementing basic safety signaling circuits and EVSE-EV communication in WP4, engaging with industrial partners and organizations like CharIn and EMSA to support and standardize the proposed modular DC power definition and communication protocols, and updating the whitepaper after completing D3.3 and D4.2 to facilitate standardization efforts.

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Climatic enviroment conditioner and system enclosure


Multi-MW charger validation report

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Hyper vessel charging DEMO

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