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EUWT Synergies Ecosystem

Seven EU funded projects, FLEXSHIP, HYPOBATT, SEABAT, DT4GS, ANEAS, NEMOSHIP and blueBARGE came together and started a collaboration with the aim of identifying common areas of interest, explore ways to adopt best practices and to enhance their project results for the benefit of waterborne transport. Here you will find further information about the partner projects.


lue Bunkering of Anchored ships with Renewable Generated Electricity – BlueBARGE

The BlueBARGE Consortium is dedicated to designing, developing, and demonstrating an optimal power barge solution for supplying electrical power to moored and anchored vessels offshore. This effort will address challenges related to electrical integration, platform interfacing with ships, ports, and local networks, as well as operational safety and regulatory compliance aspects. The project will consider different alternatives as containerised power supply modules exploring various technical alternatives and configurations, providing a high-readiness and complete “power bunkering” solution, poised for commercialisation by 2030. In alignment with the EU’s goals to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 2030 and the strategies outlined by the International Maritime Organization (IMO) to cut sector emissions by 50% by 2050, BlueBARGE seeks to contribute to the maritime industry’s transition toward electrification and decarbonisation at both EU and international levels.

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