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Development of infrastructure, testing & integration (WP4)

This work package focuses on the development of a modular automated charging device to serve as a core building block within the hyper vessel-charging system and the vessel with the ship to shore couplings to the electric vessel and the charging system.

The following reports are, or will be, available. If the reports are classified as confidential, you will receive a comprehensive overview here.


Report on Concept design of automated connectors

The focus of Deliverable D4.1 was on the conceptual design of Shore-Ship interfaces, aiming to meet the project's key performance indicators (KPIs) and predefined requirements. The main objectives were to define clear responsibilities for the charging device's functionalities, separate vessel systems and their interface requirements, and design a virtual interface equipment for simulation purposes.

The task begins with an analysis of inputs and constraints from various sources, including Work Package 1, the project's general assembly, and partners' experiences. The state of the art in the automotive and maritime sectors were thoroughly evaluated to identify potential solutions. A proposal, considering requirements and integrating the advantages of existing solutions, is given. This proposal underwent critical analysis with input from partners experienced in the maritime sector. Variants of the initial solution were proposed, highlighting their pros and cons. Virtual 3D simulations are conducted to assess the dynamic compensation capabilities of the new proposals for different vessel types.

Safety aspects related to moving parts and hazardous electrical components were integrated into the design phase. The main results achieved in this task include defining clear boundaries for functional responsibilities, proposing different conceptual contacting systems, conducting virtual simulations of the proposed connecting solutions, and providing additional safety suggestions.

The ultimate goal is to define a new and interoperable connecting interface that surpasses the current state of the art and can be standardized. The Ship Interface, utilizing a simple busbars solution, will offer a highly reliable connection on the ship side, which is crucial for maintaining service availability. The shore connection interface was specified as scalable system to accommodate the port’s requirements.

Overall, the activities within Task 4.1 focused on designing an efficient and reliable Shore-Ship interface for the charging system, ensuring proper communication, separation of functionalities, and safety considerations. The proposed solutions were evaluated through virtual simulations and aim to go beyond existing standards, leading to a standardizable and interoperable interface solution for future applications.

Image by Kevin Hackert


Report on Final design

Image by Ilya Pavlov
Image by Agustín Lautaro


Design Mock-up


Report on integration and internal validation

Image by Daria Nepriakhina 🇺🇦
Image by Wai Siew


Hyper vessel charging infrastructure Demo

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