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Meet the Faces Behind HYPOBATT

At HYPOBATT, we believe in the power of innovation to create a sustainable future for marine transportation. Behind every groundbreaking project, there are passionate individuals dedicated to driving positive change. Today we are excited to introduce you to the next important face behind HYPOBATT: Pietro Grippi.

Driving Maritime Innovation: Pietro Grippi and the HYPOBATT Project

In the dynamic realm of maritime innovation, Pietro emerges as a driving force behind the HYPOBATT project. With a wealth of expertise in innovative energy solutions at Wabtec Corporation's Charging and Power Transfer division, he is spearheading efforts to revolutionize the maritime industry with the world's most powerful and innovative fast charging system for vessels.

Pietro explains that the HYPOBATT charging system sets a new standard with its revolutionary features, particularly its automated connection capability designed to handle maritime megawatt charging. This automated connection mechanism eliminates the need for cooling on the connector, thanks to its high-temperature resistance. Offering flexible connecting interfaces and directions (side and top), along with the ability to connect multiple battery packs efficiently, the system ensures seamless signal routing on the connectors' contacts. Additionally, the system's components, such as the Power Cabinet and Connector, are interchangeable, allowing for scalability and managed power by adapting the number of electric modules and power contacts.

Overcoming Challenges: Paving the Way for Standardization

During the development phase, standardization posed significant challenges for the HYPOBATT project. Adapting automated connecting devices and ship socket positioning to accommodate a diverse fleet and enable the transfer of DC power from shore required meticulous attention. Establishing robust communication for automatic connecting systems in the waterborne sector, where significant movements between Charging Equipment and Electric Vessels occur, was another hurdle. Additionally, addressing mechanical constraints such as position and dimensions while considering the vessel's ability to move relative to its berth presented unique challenges.

Future Prospects: Scalability and Adaptability

Looking ahead, Pietro envisions the scalability and adaptability of the HYPOBATT system extending beyond the project. Its high interoperability, modularity, and automated connection make it suitable for various power levels and safety-critical applications. The system's modularity and standard communication interfaces pave the way for broader applications, potentially benefiting sectors like mining.

Engineering with passion

Pietro's insights reflect the ingenuity and dedication that have propelled the HYPOBATT project to the forefront of maritime innovation. With Wabtec's unwavering support, this project transcends industry boundaries, serving as a testament to the power of collaborative engineering excellence.

As Pietro and the HYPOBATT team continue to push the boundaries of maritime technology, they extend an invitation to stakeholders to join them on a journey towards a more sustainable and efficient future for marine transportation. Together, they are reshaping the seascape of tomorrow, one innovation at a time.

Follow us as we introduce more faces behind HYPOBATT and share the stories of those driving positive change in the maritime industry. Together, we can make a difference.

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