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The starting signal for fast-charging electric vessels

On 12 and 13 October, the first site visit of all consortium members took place at Reederei Frisia in Norddeich, Northern Germany. Here, the first Hyper POwered vessel BATTery charger (HYPOBATT) is to be built in 2024, all participants met and surveyed the local conditions for the full-scale demonstration phase of the project.

Figure 1: The consortium (Picture by AG Reederei Norden Frisia)

At the project meeting, the technical requirements and specifications were discussed, but also detailed technical questions. In addition to the current technical state of the art, a model of the upcoming fast-charging station was also shown and further tasks were distributed.

Besides internal consortium discussions, the project was also presented to key stakeholders. Now, interest is awakened and the work can begin.

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